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ELISA and Lateral Flow Kits for veterinary use.
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«LT Biotech» LTD

LT Biotech, Lithuania – innovative biotech company developing sensitive systems for human and veterinarian diagnostic, sera and media for cell cultivation.

We offer our customer:

  • ELISA kit, sandwich, indirect, 3rd generation etc., with market competitive sensitivity and specificity results. Kits quality is tested on OIE, WHO standard serum panels, most of kits are CE registered and manufactured under ISO certificates.
  • Immunochromatographic test kits (Rapid tests), are manufactured under ISO certificates, quality confirmed using OIE and WHO standard serum panels, and most has CE mark. In comparison with ELISA in most cases sensitivity is not less than ELISA.
  • PCR test systems, standard RT PCR or PCR are developed, NALF PCR devices are in development which will allow to exclude gel electrophoresis.

LT Biotech manufactures and offers following cell culture reagents:

  • Animal blood sera and serum albumin
  • Buffer solutions and dry buffers
  • Culture media
  • Grow supplements
  • Antibiotics
  • Cytogenetics products
  • Dissociating agents
  • Transfection reagents

LT Biotech manufactures capsule filters for the process of sterilizing filtration, clarification of cell culture collection and subsequent liquid filtration, use in sterile ventilation processes such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, in the laboratory.

As well as filter cartridges with several types of membranes made of PES (polyestersulfone) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), and with a folded filter material with sinuous pores made of polypropylene with absolute nominal filtration, with various configurations of end caps to fit most standard housings.

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Поле обязательно для заполнения
Поле обязательно для заполнения
Serum and albumin
  • Fetal bovine serum
  • Adult serum
  • FBS replacement serum
Culture media
Culture media
  • Classical media (dry, liquid)
  • Media for stem cell cultivation
  • Serum free media
Buffers and other solutions

Standard buffer solutions (PBS, HBSS, DBSS, EBSS) and others (Trypsin, EDTA)

Reagents and additives
Reagents and additives
  • Media additives
  • Antibiotics
Antigens and antibodies
Antigens and antibodies
PCR Kits
PCR Kits
Human diagnostics

“LT Biotech” Ltd. antigen rapid test detects fragments of proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from a human nasal swab sample. The process doesn’t require a lab, and can be done in home conditions in up to 15 minutes.

Capsule filters and filter cartridges
Capsule filters and filter cartridges
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