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Antigens and antibodies

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LT Biotech is ready to supply separately components of ready-made diagnostic kits and offers Antigens and Antibodies in analytical and production volumes. Our products have a unique design that ensures high specificity and sensitivity, are produced in accordance with ISO9001.

# LT Biotech catalog number Name Source
1 LT-AG-PRT-01 Paratuberculosis Ag native
2 LT-AG-TSP-01 Trichinella spiralis Ag native
3 LT-AG-ASF-01 African swine fever Ag recombinant, E.coli expressed
4 LT-AG-BT-01 Bluetongue virus Ag recombinant, plant expressed
5 LT-AG-TC-01 Toxocara canis Ag native
6 LT-AG-EG-01 Echinococcus granullosis Ag native
7 LT-AG-AL-01 Ascaris lumbricoides Ag native
8 LT-AG-BRU01 Brucella LPS Ag native
# LT Biotech catalog number Name
1 LT-110MAB-5H9 Monoclonal mouse antibodies to FITC.  Clone 5H9 (capture)
2 LT-RP-A Protein A
3 LT-RP-G Protein G
4 LT-C-PrG Recombinant protein-G horseradish peroxidase (PrG-HRP) conjugate
5 LT-C-PrA Recombinant protein-A horseradish peroxidase (PrA-HRP) conjugate
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