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Bio-3 Capsule Filters

The Bio-3 Capsule Filters are developed and researched for sterile filtration process with reliable and stable sterilization performance. It’s designed with external vent valve structure that can remove Gas-liquid easily and efficiently. Its built-in sterile grade hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES) membrane has the characteristics of high flow rate, high contaminant holding capacity and excellent chemical compati-bility, ensuring its wide range of applications such as bioburden and bacteria removal in the culture medium, intermediate solution, buffers and other upstream and downstream processes. Bio-3 Capsule Filters can help shorten process time, reduce production costs and improve economic benefits.


  • Reliable bacteria retention abilities
  • High flow rate and large filtration area
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Excellent ability to deal with plugging liquid 100% Integrity Test


  • Culture medium sterile filtration Buffer filtration
  • Intermediate products filtration
  • Pre-ultrafiltration filtration
  • Terminal products sterile filtration

Material of Constructions

  • Media PES
  • Support PP
  • Core/Cage/End Cap PP
  • Seal Material Silicone


  • Endotoxin. Comply with USP, endotoxin content
  • Biocompatibility. Comply with USPUSP


  • Max. Operating Temperature 80 °C
  • Max. Operating DP 5Bar @ 20°C, 3Bar @ 50C


  • Fiber release. Comply with 21CFR210.3(b)(6) on "Non fiber" release regulations
  • Bacteria Retention. According to ASTM test method, it passed 10~7CFU/cm2 Defective Pseudomonas (ATCC19146) retention test
  • Autoclaving. 121°C-30min-3Cycles
  • Gamma irradiation. 50 kGy

Ordering Information

To place an order, please make up the product code of the configuration you need, guided by the tabular data and observing the order of the values in the code according to the picture. After that, click the Order button and enter the received code in the Product field. Fill in the remaining fields of the Order form and click Submit. Our managers will contact you soon.

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