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Bio-6 Capsule Filters

Bio-6 Capsule Filters are designed for Bio-products industry which mainly used in cell harvest clarification and downstream liquid filtration. The Minidepth is for lab scale filtration, Puredepth is for pilot testing research and lab scale protein production. The Majordepth includes three models with defferent processing capabilities: small, large and integrated models. All models are comprised of a holder, a set of top and bottom separators, and a number of filter modules that can be adjusted. The Depth Plus Capsule Filters have completely independent filter medium, its pore size of upper and lower layer is asymmetrical, this design not only helps to enhance the contaminant holding capacity but also helps to extend the service life of the filter cartridge.


  • Disposable design makes it easier to install and dismantle
  • High contaminant holding capacity
  • High filtration efficiency for impurities
  • Manufactured in a clean room environment


  • Culture medium filtration
  • Cell lysates filtration
  • Host cell protein or hybrid protein aggregates filtration
  • Protect downstream process

Material of Constructions

  • Media. Cellulose, filter-aids and resins
  • Core/Cage/End Cap. PP/PC
  • Seal Material. Silicone


  • Endotoxin. Comply with USP, endotoxin content
  • Biocompatibility. Comply with USPUSP


  • Max. Operating Temperature 40 °C
  • Max. Operating DP 2.4 bar (35 psid)
  • Autoclaving 125℃-30min-1Cycle

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