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L85 Series - Titanium Metal Powder Filter Cartridges

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Darlly SIN Series filter cartridges are composed of high purity industrial grade titanium powder with all elements sintered at high temperatures. It features anti-chemical corrosion, oxidation and high temperature resistance, and long service life. As a low viscosity liquid cartridge, this cartridge has excellent solid-liquid separation efficiency. It is mainly used as a chemical filter to remove ozone deplet-ing substance and for removing carbon dioxide in food, pharmaceutical, and water treatment applications.


  • High purity titanium construction
  • High temperature corrosive and oxidation resistant
  • Uniform structure with narrow pore size distribution and high filtration efficiency
  • No free falling particles
  • High porosity, low filtration resistance and high filtration efficiency
  • Good compatibility with human tissue and blood due to its non-toxic and non-magnetic nature


  • Steam Filtration
  • Oxidizing Liquids
  • Corrosive Liquids
  • Liquid/gas filtration at high temperature and pressure
  • Viscous Liquids
  • Strong-polar Liquids
  • Liquid Filtration for Decarburization


  • OD 60mm/65mm/68mm
  • Length 5", 10", 20"

Material of Constructions

  • Media High-purity Titanium/304/316L
  • End Caps High-purity Titanium
  • Screw Cap 304
  • Reinforcing Layers 304/316L
  • Sealing Silicone, EPDM, NBR, FKM, E-FKM


  • Max. Operating Temperature 280 °C
  • Max. Operating DP 3,0 bar


  • Manufactured according to ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Managemet System

Ordering Information

To place an order, please make up the product code of the configuration you need, guided by the tabular data and observing the order of the values in the code according to the picture. After that, click the Order button and enter the received code in the Product field. Fill in the remaining fields of the Order form and click Submit. Our managers will contact you soon.

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