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L86 Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridges

L86 Depth-Stack series is an ideal type of filter cartridge using depth filter sheets.It is designed to provide optimal clarifica-tion by using a double separator constrution. The separator design increases the total stability of the filter cartridges as the separators fully support the sheet materials. This design also prevents filter sheet deformities after heat treatments and adverse effects of hot sanitation. It is manufactured with rigid external clips to prevent damage during module loading and unloading and offer easy and reliable handling.


  • Washable under certain conditions, resulting in longer service life
  • Easy and reliable handling rigid external clips protect filer sheet during module loading and unloading
  • No adverse effects to filter sheets during hot sanitization or process filtration


Bio-Pharmaceuticals lood Products, Vaccine, Antibiotics, Growth Media, Buffer
Food Products Syrups, Vinegar, Edible Oils, Sugars
Beverages Wine, Beer, Juices, Soft Drinks, Cider, Liquor, Milk and dairy products
Cosmetics Perfumes, Lotions, Shampoos, Deodorants, Colognes

Material of Constructions

Depth Filter Sheet Cellulose fibers,Resins, Perlite, Diatomaceous earths, etc.
Core/ Support Separator PP
Sealing Silicone, EPDM, NBR, FKM, E-FKM


  • Manufactured in a clean room environment
  • Manufactured according to ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Managemet System
  • Material of construction comply with FDA requlations for food and beverage contact use as detailed in the US Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR
  • Passed European Commission Directives (EU10/2011)

Ordering Information

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