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BIOAFFIN: Projects, where affine organic ligands (in particular antibodies) are created, modified, immobilized and used in technical applications (analysis, bio-processing technology), are summarized under this acronym ("bio-affine application systems").

Bio-affine ligands:

Company operates a laboratory in which monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for different applications (immunoassays, affinity chromatography, immuno-magnetic separation) are developed and produced.

Bio-processing techniques:

Since biological ligands have a high specificity, they are ideal tools for resource extraction from complex biological matrices. At the LT Biotech, a series of works are carried out to develop this potential for technically relevant processing processes (immunofiltration, monolithic chromatography, immunomagnetic separation).

“Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT)” is a modern trend in medical diagnostics, which aim is to provide a fast on-site analysis based on small portable analysers to avoid logistical and technical problems raised by centralised diagnostics. LT Biotech develops such decentralised testing concepts as well as appropriate equipment and test kits for use in veterinary medicine and human medicine. In addition, these technologies are also used to provide innovative solutions for food control and in-process control in pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes.

Immunochromatography: a series of rapid tests for the detection of inflammation markers, cardiac markers, toxins and infections (viruses, microorganisms) as well as in the classic test strip format ("lateral flow") were established in the micro-column format (ABICAP).

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