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A new branch of LT Biotech development, PCR, real-time PCR, NALF PCR. Technologies and goods are delivered both to scientific laboratories and industrial enterprises in many countries of Europe and Asia, and are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001.

50 or 100 tests kit, plus custom volume, OEM manufacturing.

# Description LT Biotech catalog number
1 Aleutian Mink Disease LTPCR-AMD
2 African Swine Fever LTPCR-ASF
3 Leptospirosis LTPCR-LSS
4 Listeriosis LTPCR-LSI
5 Lumpy skin disease LTPCR-LSD
6 Aujeszky’s disease LTPCR-AZD
7 Parvovirosis LTPCR-PVV
8 Infectios bovine rhinotracheitis LTPCR-IBR
9 Tuberculosis LTPCR-TB
10 Bovine viral diarrhea LTPCR-BVD
11 Enzootic bovine leukosis LTPCR-EBL
12 Chlamidiosis spp. LTPCR-CHS
13 Brucellosis LTPCR-BRU
14 Pasteurellosis LTPCR-PSS
15 Cyrcovirus type 2 LTPCR-CV2
16 Salmonellosis LTPCR-SLM
17 Classical swine fever LTPCR-CSF
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