Lepta Q HR is a high-resolution strong anion-exchange chromatography resin that takes advantage of differences in the nature and magnitude of charge of different molecules under specific conditions, to separate them. This chromatographic resin can be used successfully for separation and purification of various biomolecules, such as recombinant proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, viruses and virus-like particles, and polysaccharides. Compared with traditional strong anion exchange chromatography resin, Lepta Q HR shows better performance:

  1. The improved Lepta base frame is more rigid, so it can achieve a higher process flow rate at lower back pressure and improve process efficiency.
  2. An increase in the dynamic binding capacity of the chromatography resin is achieved by upgrading the ligand coupling method.
  3. Finer particle size improves the resolution of the chromatographic resin.