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L87 Series - Depth-stack Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

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Our Depth-Stack Filter Cartridges are new type of filter cartridge using depth filter sheets. It is designed using a double Separator concept. The Separator design increases the total stability of the filter cartridges as the separators fully support the sheet material. This design also prevents filter sheet deformities after heat treatments and adverse effects of contact with hot sanitation. It Is manufactured with rigid external clips to prevent damaging filter sheets during module loading and unloading while allowing for easy and reliable handling.


  • Removing dissociative chlorine and volatine organic compounds(VOS) in solution
  • Oil and aromatic series in solution
  • Remove smell,odor,organic pigment
  • Remove Metal Ion

Material of Constructions

Depth Filter Sheet Carbon Cellulose、Activated Carbon、Resins,and etc
Core/Separator PP
Double O-ring or flat gasket Silicon, EPDM, NBR


Max Operating Temperature 80 °C
Max Operating DP 2.0bar/25℃

Ordering Information

To place an order, please make up the product code of the configuration you need, guided by the tabular data and observing the order of the values in the code according to the picture. After that, click the Order button and enter the received code in the Product field. Fill in the remaining fields of the Order form and click Submit. Our managers will contact you soon.

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