Lepta PlasmidCap HR is a thiophilic affinity chromatography resin. The principle of thiophile affinity chromatography is to use the interaction between electron donors and acceptors to separate and purify target molecules. This interaction is strengthened in a high-salt environment and weakened in a low-salt environment. Lepta PlasmidCap HR selectively binds closed-circle supercoiled plasmid DNA but not open-circle plasmid DNA. Therefore, it can be used to prepare high-quality plasmid DNA. Lepta PlasmidCap HR couples the sulfur-containing compound 2-mercaptopyridine to a new high-rigidity base frame, which provides better pressure-flow rate performance for large-scale separation and purification of plasmid DNA, increases the flexibility of process design and improves productivity. At the same time, finer particle size provides better resolution.